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The United States is a country of immigrants and Wyoming is no different. From Albert Einstein to Melania Trump, immigrants have and continue to play a profound role in shaping our national identity. I will adamantly oppose the President’s cruel policies of separating families at the border, rejecting refugees on the grounds of nationality, and the construction of a southern border wall. From calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” to referring to immigrants as animals, this President has continued to demonize hard working immigrants and drag our nation back to a darker time. As Wyomingites we must stand up for our friends in the immigrant community and defend their basic human rights.

Liz Cheney continues to remain silent as thousands of children are torn away from their parents at our Southern border and placed in tent cities and abandoned warehouse stores. Despite opposition to the policy from Republican leadership in the House, Laura Bush, President and Michelle Obama, and even First Lady Melania Trump, our representative continues to turn a blind eye to the inhumane and archaic immigration policies of the Trump administration. As Thomas Jefferson said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” I hope you’ll all stand with me in rejecting silence and tyranny.


Healthcare is a basic human right. Many people of Wyoming continue to live in poverty, without fair wage, health insurance, or adequate resources to achieve quality and stability of their lives. I support a Medicare for all system that will ensure that all Wyomingites, regardless of financial means, have access to quality care. Each year, countless Wyoming residents are forced to choose between seeing their doctor and financial security. No parent should see their child needlessly suffer to satisfy the greed of the insurance companies. No person with a pre-existing condition should be forced out of coverage. With the best medical schools and doctors in the world and the highest GDP, the United States must follow the lead of every other major country in the world and grant citizens the right to health care. Quality care can no longer merely be a luxury for the rich. The U.S. government exists to serve its people, not its insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations.

The healthcare system in broken; the costs are too high for the services provided. The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable as most of our healthcare dollars are spend on administrative costs. The Federal Government is the largest purchaser of healthcare services in America and Congress has forbidden the healthcare-purchasing Federal Agencies to negotiate reduced-costs for services or drugs. This has to change. It would be more cost-effective for America to institute a form of preventative care for its working age citizens along with catastrophic care when disease or accidents threaten the finances of those impacted.

Wyomingites need a representative who values the health, well-being, and prosperity of the nation, the state, its lands and its people.


Wyoming Energy is essential to all of us: whether it is our livelihood or our means of living a modern life in a frontier state. I will encourage conversations and represent data-driven, well-measured, stakeholder-considered decisions. I hope to help preserve and enhance the economy while carrying Wyoming toward innovation. Energy decisions are the core of our current economy. Wyoming’s current revenue structure can only be enhanced by diversification, acknowledgement of our resources, and consideration of our lands.

On the energy production side, the rightful role of Congress is to introduce guidelines that mitigate obstacles and minimize impact. This can be achieved by well-measured choices guided by the Wyoming stakeholders and data (not lobbyists). As a congressman, I will help facilitate efficient transmission of our energy to customers across our state, the country and the globe: whether coal/oil/gas to a worldwide-customer base or wind energy to the grids that serve the nation. My goal is to streamline the federal, state, and local processes that guide delivery of energy to our customers. The delivery of coal resources is significantly different than delivery of electrical production, whether generated by wind, gas, or coal-fired units. Each form of energy has environmental burden. Science is real and not exclusionary of any sector of conservation or energy. Regulations should be based on on data, not lobbyists or litigation.

Our state-funded university is a leader in energy innovations, which include coal, gas, wind, solar, and carbon sequestration. Our community colleges are positioned to offer career transitioning when markets call for change.

University of Wyoming is a hub of ecological and conservation research. Conversations among scientists, citizens, industry, and legislators are key to understanding how innovation can lead to economic security and can help us escape our boom & bust patterns. I have attended many of these UW hosted symposiums in recent years and believe that the conversations are already happening . As a U.S. Representative, I will continue to seek out these opportunities for informed discussion of complicated issues.

There has been discussion in Wyoming about providing energy subsidies to businesses that establish high energy-use industries that hire Wyoming residents. I would take it one step further and advocate that the state of Wyoming should own some of these coal-fired units. Being beholden to shareholders outside of our state is not in our best interest. I would work with the state and federal legislators to achieve this should-be-done goal.

As a representative, I will strive for our residents to have a voice when it comes to how their land and its resources are used to benefit future generations AND current residents. Renewable resources, wildlife corridors, and existing industries are valued. Working with shareholders/residents, we can provide the global markets with cleaner energy while transitioning toward the resources that markets are requesting.

In my professional work, I have obtained an understanding of the complexities and symbiosis of energy and our natural resources. I am committed to identifying intersections between our energy sector and our lands to determine ways to create legislation that ensures sustained revenue, tourism, employment, health, quality of life and innovation for all Wyoming communities. In essence, I take a long-term view of decisions. I recognize poor choices that will not benefit Wyoming. While we need to continue to extract and sell energy, we also need to make structural changes (i.e. more efficient transmission, workforce training through community colleges, and investment in energy research and innovation) that will make our long term goals sustainable.

Public Lands

Without our public lands, hunting, fishing, and hiking would become a luxury of the rich. This is unacceptable.

Cheney currently represents her donors and corporate benefactors in their quest to gain control of public lands in order to pillage the precious resources of Wyoming,

Extractive energy is key to Wyoming’s economy but public lands are key to our lifestyle. I am uniquely qualified to identify ways to maximize Wyoming’s Energy resources while maintaining clean air and water.

Public lands make Wyoming unique. I am dedicated to protecting them from federal, state, or local government overreach.

Energy extraction must be balanced with the public’s right to to clean air & water and access to their land. Animals require this too. We must support innovative research in energy technologies.


Reproductive rights are essential for achieving gender equality. Reproductive freedom means having affordable access to all reproductive health care options, including birth control and abortion care. It also means supporting people who choose to work while pregnant and those raising families.


Wyoming has a proud and long tradition of providing the finest foods in America. – Beef! Cows are the largest of all of receipts for Wyoming Ag and one that will continue to thrive.   Hay is the top crop, but Wyoming needs to be bold in agricultural proposals that are relevant in America. Does Liz have a plan?  I do. On this trail, ask me about sports betting and its connection to agriculture in America.

Economic Diversification

Wyoming can and must diversify its economy to remain competitive in the 21st century and beyond. We’ve experienced tremendous booms of economic prosperity and downturns that have left us on the brink of financial disaster. Any plan to diversify the economy should start within the energy industry. Solar and wind power present incredible opportunities for Wyoming’s future and have yet to reach their full potential.

Wyoming’s tourism industry provides jobs and tax revenue to the state and has even more potential to expand. From Yellowstone National Park to the Sweetwater County Fair, Wyoming has no shortage of tourist attractions. We must defend public lands and ensure these continue to benefit the state as a whole and not a select wealthy few. It’s also critical to invest in tourism, both at the state level and federal levels.

Our next Congressman must make attracting new industries to our state a priority. There’s no reason Wyoming can’t be the next Silicon Valley, and I’ll work every day to bring new businesses and jobs to our state.

Campaign Finance Reform

I strongly oppose the Citizens United ruling and will fight for campaign finance reform in Congress. Money does not equal speech and we must take action now to prevent the United States from becoming an oligarchy. It’s wrong that running for public office is often only the luxury of the wealthy and well connected. One person should equal one vote and nothing else. I pledge to reject corporate PAC money and support amending the United States Constitution to limit the influence of big money in our elections. Representatives like Liz Cheney spend too much time trying to satisfying their wealthy donors and not enough time serving the people of this country and Wyoming.

Drug War

The link between the war on the drugs and the war on our first five amendments is now clear.  We have demonized natural products that humans desire and actually may need, while allowing the pharmaceutical industry to mimic these products, press them into white pills and hand them out to the public. We need to do better, and in ways that consider the lives of those impacted most by addiction. In Wyoming, we espouse free market principles for our energy products, while simultaneously criminalizing citizens in their pursuit of happiness and wellness.  

Wyoming is not in any position to turn away tax revenue, or alienate the tourist base, which has a choice about how they spend their dollars. Legalizing marijuana will grant our state a new industry, which will bring jobs and much needed financial relief at all levels. While it is clear that legalization will expose people to potential abuse, we have experience in dealing with these issues with compassion. If we educate citizens and generate reasonable tax revenue, Wyoming will be a equipped to help the unfortunate few that struggle with addiction. In addition to that humane approach, we will be able to re-train incarceration and enforcement personnel to deal with mental health and addiction counseling. Wyoming will also save money on prosecution and incarceration fees, not to mention freeing up people to work industries that forbade felony convictions.

2nd Amendment

The founding fathers were adamant in their belief that the people should be protected from the potential tyranny of the government they created; for, of and by the people.  The first five amendments give a person the right to express and believe what one longs for in this great country, but attempts to place constraints on that person or persons from using their ideas to upset the Constitutional Rights of other US Citizens. The 2nd Amendment captures this belief perfectly. The founders said citizens may have “arms” but each “arm” must be operated and managed by a well-regulated militia, or person. I am a gun-owner and I hold our constitution dear. I ask for the embracing of the term “well-regulated”:  as the US Military has standards on admission as well as rigorous training before handing an AR-15 to a new recruit.  We, as a society, should look to the military and their requirements and fit those for civilian deployment. I want to ask the citizens to help me define what a “well regulated” person might be in the terms of Arms ownership.  The Constitution was designed to address the changing needs of society as long as we understand it and discuss the issues civilly.

Public Lands

Wyoming is blessed with abundant public lands that all Americans jointly own and are free to use. Wyoming cannot afford to manage lands currently maintained by the federal government. The gall of these proposals, falsely claiming they will increase access, pay for fire and not sell the land are patently false.  How many lies will the public stand?

Migration corridors must be protected, and this can be done while still allowing managed energy exploration. Outdoor recreation, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, hunting and so much more of what defines us as a state is possible only because of our public lands. Unfortunately, Republican politicians are hard at work in Washington and Cheyenne advocating for a state takeover of public lands.

Foreign Policy

The brave men and women of our Armed Forces sacrifice to keep us safe from threats,  both foreign and domestic, on a daily basis. As your representative, I will support our soldiers. Above all this means keeping the United States out of unnecessary foreign entanglements. Vietnam and Iraq are strong reminders of the dangers of war mongering by elected officials.

I will fight to once again make the Presidency accountable to Congress and the American people.

Congress must pass a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that reigns in the President’s authority, grants Congress greater oversight, and returns the President’s authority to that granted in the United States Constitution.   We must do better by our young men and women when asked to lay down their lives for our freedom.

Every two years, we vote to continue or change.
Greg’s Priorities