Hunter for Wyoming

Why I am running

The people of Wyoming deserve better representation.We are at an inflection point in society where we can choose to do things that benefit all or allow the wealthy to continue to take our income, our resources, and our public lands for their benefit alone.

I am running to ensure that Wyoming voices are acknowledged and addressed in U.S. Congress. The bills crafted and supported by Representative Cheney have devalued the consensus of Wyoming voices. Many people in Wyoming continue to live in poverty, without fair wage, health insurance, or adequate resources to achieve stability . US Congress is dividing our nation by their inability to compromise, listen, and serve their constituents. In Congress, I will only craft and support bills that balance the Wyoming we currently inhabit and the Wyoming that we envision for our future generations. I will always put Wyoming first. I will not be rolled over by either party for the sake of expediency to obtain a “win” for the team.

While the world has actually improved over the last 30 years with reductions in crime and poverty, the amount of hysteria has increased. Humans have not grown accustomed to the 24-hour news cycle and social media, which tends to focus on negative views of people and situations. The rise in hysteria has been exacerbated by cable media and is expressed on our polarized rhetoric by our politicians. We need to recognize we are all Americans and we are all on this planet together and it is much better for us to talk about issues that impact all of us instead of focusing on the small differences that divide us.

A representative should ensure that money allocated to government agencies gets spent to benefit the taxpayer and not frittered away on some irresponsible idea. We should expect more from a representative and I would welcome the opportunity to serve the people of Wyoming in advancing the ideals and business of our beloved state!

Every two years, we vote to continue or change.
Why I am running